What Our Clients Say

Maverick Oilfield is my preferred pipeline & facility contractor going back to 1999. They have provided us with professional, prompt, quality crews & service.

Marlin Lutz, Inspector - Teine Energy Inc
The crew they provided to move the tanks were fast, efficient and very easy to work with. The dispatcher and company were very accommodating and willing to work with me on arranging work and the times. I would greatly recommend Maverick to any company looking to do this type of work.

Bob Baier, Lead Operator - Twin Butte Energy Ltd
I was first introduced to Maverick Oilfield twenty years ago and found them to be hard working and dedicated. I recently used their services to construct a new well tie-in and found the supervisor to be safe and very well organized. They executed the project without a hitch. I will be using Maverick again on our next project.

Roger Harrison, Facilities Construction Supervisor - Apache Corp
Maverick executed our project on time, on budget, and most importantly safely. From the bid to the final flange, Maverick was very professional and did an excellent job for us.

Jason Denney, COO - Teine Energy Inc
A Maverick is defined as "an unorthodox or independent minded person". If unorthodox means being true to your word and living up to the commitments you make, then Maverick is unorthodox. The oilfield services industry needs more Mavericks. You can count on them to do the right thing and do things right.

Jeff Orchard
Maverick spent time with us upfront to figure out our needs to get better sense of what we wanted for the outcome. Their personnel, in office and field, were absolutely instrumental in ensuring I was kept informed throughout the entire project.

Shadi Taleb P.Eng MBA - Asher Engineering
Maverick Oilfield provides a full compliment of compentent crews that efficiently and cost effectively construct our SAGD projects to a standard that always meets our expectations while maintaining the highest standard in contractor safety.

Regan L'Heureux - Project Coordinator
I have found that Maverick goes above and beyond to assist with all aspects of construction, transportation and estimating. Employees are professional, attentive and knowledgeable. From the Sales Representatives, Estimating team to the Project Manager, they are always available to answer any questions or concerns. They continue to be our go-to contracting company for our oilfield service needs.

Jessica Farquhar - Buyer
The first word that comes to mind when I hear Maverick Oilfield Service is professionalism. The service, work, safety and PR that Maverick employee’s show is outstanding. The first call for me when I need picker service is Maverick, I can rely on them to be on time and perform their work without any worries. Maverick is a great asset to our industry and would recommend them to anyone.

Sheldon Heck - Maintenance Planner